TO MENU

        Hello! So this is me. I witness and capture true-love stories for a living, I still cry at most weddings and I absolutely love what I do! I'm so lucky to have my lifelong friend and soon-to-be husband Pierre by my side all the way. He is also my "weekend-assistant" and I wouldn't have it any other way :)
        I live with my 3 dogs and one cat, I try to travel to a different country every year, on my off weekends you'll find me on the farm - close to nature and as many animals as possible, I prefer the bush-veld to the coast, my clients end up as friends, Pierre is my primary-school sweetheart, champagne is my spirit animal, Sundays are my favourite day.

        I capture the raw, the beauty, the small and the big things true to your wedding day.

        About Me

        My style can be described as classic & editorial but also documentary. I am all about getting the pretty details and the classic portraits but capturing all the real and raw moments and telling a story is a big part of my work. I get completely lost in the all moments of each and every wedding day.