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        Capturing all the priceless moments at weddings are such a big part of what gives my work meaning and why I love documenting weddings. Thinking of everyone who can’t be with their Moms or families this Mother’s Day, I thought I’d put a little blogpost together with some of my favourite Mom and Gran wedding moments captured. To all the Moms and Grannies in our lives, no matter how much we say we love you, we will always love you more than that. Happy Mother’s Day!

        These last two images are very dear to me. It is a photo of an orchid that my Gran gave me on my last Birthday that she was still with us. The flowers wilted, but they never fell off and I still have it, just as it is on this photo. This same orchid is now brining up a flower-stem for the first time ever since. The photo on the right is my Gran, Oumie, Ouma Gladys Veldhuizen, Gladiola, Granny Glady. Mother to more than us grandchildren and to her own kids. I took this photo of her on my Grandpa’s Birthday one year. We were all in the kitchen, talking about old stories and making jokes. I will never forget the sound of her laugh, this picture takes me right back to this moment.

        All images Copyright Marsél Roothman.


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